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Welcome to Yardley Family Dental, Your Dentist in Yardley, PA

Yardley Family Dental offers a wide range of dental care services for the whole family. At the dental office in Yardley, Pennsylvania, Phillip Halper, DDS, takes a proactive approach to oral health. Dr. Halper believes the best path to dental care is prevention. He offers routine exams and cleanings for kids and adults to keep their smiles beautiful and healthy.

In addition to preventive care, a full spectrum of general dentistry services are available, including mercury-free fillings, root canal treatments, dental crowns and bridges, and dentures. The office is also fully equipped to handle dental emergencies like cracked teeth, painful infections, and abscesses. The staff can often offer same-day visits for injuries and infections.

Yardley Family Dental also specializes in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Halper has extensive experience in treating chipped, discolored, or uneven teeth using advanced cosmetic techniques. He offers customized porcelain veneers, dental implants, and full mouth reconstruction to improve the oral health and smile aesthetic of patients with missing or damaged teeth.

Other cosmetic services available include at-home teeth whitening and the Invisalign® teeth straightening systems.

To schedule a consultation for general or cosmetic dentistry, call Yardley Family Dental or book an appointment online today.

Our mission at Yardley Family Dental is to make a difference in our patients lives. We care deeply about our patients and what we do to help them not only achieve but also maintain good dental health throughout their lifetime. We are committed as a dental team to grow our professional skills through continuing education and dedication to be the best. We strive to use the best materials, sterilization tools and the latest technology to make sure our patients get the best experience possible.

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  • "Jaimie is fantastic. Quick and efficient yet doesn’t make you feel rushed. Dr. Halper has always made me feel valued and has shown care and concern for any issue I may be having."
    Christine G.
  • "Great office. Wonderful hygienist Jeanette and Dr. Halper is the most gentle, caring, and skilled dentist I ever went to. Great dental care and experience."
    Harold K.
  • "Jeanette, Dr. Halper, and the rest of the staff are extremely professional while maintaining a very welcoming and friendly office atmosphere! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to friends and family!"
    Leslie C.

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Now offering an In-house Dental Plan for our patients without insurance.

The initial cost of the plan is only $289 per year! Sign up today to start saving!
Plan does not give discount on bleaching

Our in-office plan includes:

  • Two exams per year*
  • Two cleanings per year*
  • Checkup x-rays*
  • 20% off our normal prices (* at no additional charge)
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